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Reducer Tomasetto Alaska
Injector RAIL
Repair kit for reducer Tomasetto
Multivalve OMB
Sequential injection controller STAG-4
LPG solenoid valve OMB / Filter Certools
Tugra Makina toroidal tank
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Mriya Impex Company is one of Ukraine’s leading enterprises to specialize in wholesale of automotive LPG and CNG facilities.

Energy supplies getting more expensive every next year, our company’s mission is to help Ukrainian drivers and car owners to save considerable money on fuel.

Apart from just being of better economic value, the liquefied petroleum gas is more ecologically friendly with better anti-detonation parameters, sustainable diffusion, slower combustion and stable aggregate state. It is ultimately safe to use and is protective towards the engine, which ensures longer service intervals, as it is not being exposed to damage of metal structure by aggressive gasoline catalysts.

Driven by our far-reaching expertise, we offer to our clients:

  • best value facilities and accessories
  • flexible and efficient logistics Ukraine-wide
  • professional approach and tailor-made solutions

We are able to maintain high market profile due to our broad selection of products and services and professional commitment of our staff.

Our values are about integrity and transparency, appreciation of team work, fast and effective responses to changing market environment, thinking the world of our end user and high esteem for our partners.



9 Sklyarenko str.

2 floor, office 23

04073 - Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel. (044) 467 52 20

Fax. (044) 430 45 75




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